Sales Round Up

A quick sales round up:

  • Shipton & Heneage will take $30 off any order of $160 or more (use checkout code em1111b30) and $80 off any order of $500 or more (use checkout code em1111b80). Offer ends this Monday.
  • J Press’ Private Sale starts today and will last for two weeks. Receive up to 25% off with the promo code PSNOV11. 
  • Uniqlo’s sweaters are on sale. $79.90 for any of their cashmeres and $29.90 for any of their merinos. If you’re buying for a woman, cashmeres are $69.99 and merinos are $19.90. How it’s possible for women’s clothing to be cheaper than men’s, instead of the usual other way around, I don’t know. Shop either in-store or through Suddenlee. If you use Suddenlee, however, note that some items or colors are only listed on the UK site, but are available in US stores.

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