Real People: Suits & Black Shoes

As part of an ongoing series, Put This On will be featuring photos from real men with great style. 

Lately, I’ve found myself sharing the opinion that if you’re dressed for business in a suit that black shoes will look the best. This isn’t to say brown shoes are “wrong”, but I’ve really grown to like the look of shiny black oxfords with a suit, and these two gentlemen look remarkably good in conservative suits with black shoes. 

First, Jeff in Louisville (a.k.a.: The Thrifty Gent) wears a mid-grey suit with a navy dotted tie and simple white square. Not only is the fit of the suit great, but none of the elements stand out too much from each other. It’s a very neutral set of colors and the black plain-toe shoes work quite to compliment the look rather than contrast it. 

Second, we have Bruce from New York City, who always looks elegant in the outfits he posts. While you could certainly say the double-breasted dark suit is quite conservative, he’s livened up his look with teal-colored necktie that also ads some visual texture along with some brilliant blue cufflinks. Still, the black shoes don’t fight the overall look and try to stand out — the tie stands out enough on its own.