Real People: Outerwear

It’s probably just the dropping temperatures where I live, but I’ve been noticing outerwear a bit more frequently on various fits — and Philipp in Germany has an amazing overcoat that I envy. The navy color would work well for both day and evening and goes with a wide variety of trouser (and suit) types. One of the things I believe is often overlooked in overcoats are its ability to provide proper warmth. Too often they’re cut too short, but this overcoat is appropriately long to cover the legs better. I also like that it has a back center vent, which allows for movement, but this style vent also blocks out the wind from entering through the back. Finally, the umbrella is a nice touch. I often find it’s a bit off-putting to see a guy wearing a great coat such as this but then carrying an umbrella that looks like it was bought in the discount bin at a drug store after being caught in a rainstorm. A beautiful umbrella goes a long way to completing a look.