A Guide to Bad Taste

I’m going to be frank - most menswear blogs make for terrible reading. Bloggers mostly rely on meaningless superlatives, platitudes, and hackneyed phrases. I’ll often read through entire posts and walk away with nothing. It’s like people are just rehashing press releases. 

I’m not saying I’m any different. Just last month, Jesse (rightly) gave me a friendly knock for using the phrase “pop of color” in a draft I was working on. I admit that I often hurry through my writing. I try to publish something at least once a day and still have enough time to work on my dissertation. As a result, my writing can be a bit sloppy sometimes. 

There are exceptions of course. For example, I draw a lot of inspiration from Christian Chensvold over at Ivy-Style. I’m also a big fan of Simon Crompton at Permanent Style. Both are excellent writers. 

My favorite, however, is John Lugg, the writer behind A Guide to Bad Taste. He doesn’t dispense with advice as much as other blogs do. Instead, his blog is more like a collection of short stories based on our menswear subculture. His posts are always really enjoyable to read and often funny. Take some time today to read a few of his posts. I think you’ll like them.