Don’t get it twisted like Cinnabons, Put This On is about everything from thrift store to couture, and the things in between. One day I blog about $150 Drakes ties, the next day I’m writing about Lands End sales. Like Montell Jordan, this is how we do it. 

Lands End is having a Fathers Day sale and offering 30% off everything in mens. I took a gander and found some nice attaches (a big one for $50 and small one for $30). I also like their belts and ties, as well as this StormRaker shell jacket. Just click here to activate the coupon and the new prices will show up.

30% off is always good enough to blog about, but this time, you can also combine it with their other promotion codes! If your order comes to $50 or more, use MJ11 (pin 4423) to get free shipping and $10 off. If your order is under $50, then use COOLER (pin 4353) to just get free shipping. 

The Father’s Day promotion ends tomorrow.