Glenn O’Brien on The Sound of Young America

Here’s a special treat for Put This On fans. I interviewed Glenn O’Brien, GQ’s Style Guy, about his new book “How To Be A Man,” for my public radio show The Sound of Young America. Since the interview is so PTO-appropriate, I thought I’d share it here first (and on the Put This On podcast feed in iTunes), before it airs on the radio.

Despite its title, the book isn’t another didactic how-to. It’s a collection of charming, funny essays about masculinity. It’s not a cliched masculinity, either. It’s a robust, full-spectrum masculinity that befits the author, who was a New Wave legend and a collaborator with Andy Warhol.

So: listen and enjoy! You’ll probably learn something. (By the way, if this happens to cut off, go ahead and grab the show in iTunes or by downloading directly from this link. Tumblr seems to have a bit of trouble with long audio.)