Ben Silver Warehouse Sale

Ben Silver’s Warehouse Sale starts today and will last for two weeks. The discounts aren’t as deep as one might hope, but they do have some nice things. 

These country grain Coniston and Brecon boots, for example, are some of the most used shoes in my closet (both models are made by Crockett & Jones in England). I also like these tiger and Kelim pocket squares from Drake’s, although sometimes find them to be a bit too flashy and colorful in the pocket when worn (your taste may vary, of course). In addition, there are some nice belts on sale, such as these slide buckles, and one of the best prices I’ve seen on SWIMS overshoe galoshes (good for the coming rainy season, if you’re not able to wear more casual shoes to work). There are a ton of Alden shoes on sale too if you want to browse around.