“I should say that he ought to have one pair for Sunday, another pair for Monday, and so on till number seven has been worn. Extra-vagant you say? Not a bit of it. On the contrary, seven pairs of trousers worn in this way will last much longer than seven pairs worn indiscriminately — say one pair for a week, the next pair for a fortnight, and so on. You may take it as an indisputable fact that a pair of trousers worn for three consecutive days will be out of shape at the end of the third day, however good the material and cut may be. Of course, I don’t mean that you wear them for three days and nights — don’t be absurd.” — Edward Spencer on trousers. Written in his book Clothes & the Man, which was published in 1901 — well before men started to wear the same pair of jeans every day for six months before washing.