There are steps that can be taken to alter one’s appearance to fall in line with one’s personal desires — make-up, high-heels, contact lenses, or in this case, wigs — but perhaps it’s worth examining the underlying aspects of what your appearance means to you and the world. The body is a vehicle within which we get to experience what it’s like to be alive. It’s not you who’s losing his hair, it’s your body that’s losing its hair. This is a challenging and often painful realization, but each of us is not really our body at all. It’s just a place-holder — a point of entry.

Often times, we get so caught up in how we relate to our appearance, that we forget almost every other aspect of what it is to be ourselves. Usually what we value about other people has ultimate very little to do with how they look — it has much more to do with how they are. Caring too much about our looks — and that includes our weight, our height, our hair, our face, etc — becomes an easy surface game to play and to keep us occupied so we don’t have to dig deeper into life’s more challenging and important games.