Dead Men’s Patterns

Want to start your week with something morbid? Hormazd Narielwalla is an artist that makes collages from bespoke tailoring patterns of deceased Savile Row customers. As some readers know, when someone gets something made bespoke (whether it be a suit, shirt, or pair of shoes), a custom paper pattern has to be made according to his or her body. And from that pattern comes the tailor or shoemaker’s work. When the client dies, however, the pattern is often shredded, as there’s no longer any use for it. 

Narielwalla, however, has taken these patterns and given them new life by turning them into art. In this way, the pieces of the pattern - say, the sleeve or side panel of a suit jacket - just become abstracted shapes, divorced from the original person’s body. Above is just a selection of images from Narielwalla’s website. He also has a book called Dead Men’s Patterns, which you can read about here.

(via the RJcat)