It’s On Sale: Sartoria Formosa Suits

There’s a really nice sale going on at No Man Walks Alone, and included in the sale stock are Sartoria Formosa suits. Sartoria Formosa is a Neapolitan bespoke tailoring house that was once famous for their double breasted cuts. The tailor who founded the company, Mario Formosa, dressed many of Italy’s most famous stars in the mid-20th century. He passed away some years ago, unfortunately, but his son has taken over to both continue and expand the business. 

Some of the new things they’ve introduced to their bespoke service are ready-to-wear and made-to-measure lines, such as those carried by No Man Walks Alone. The jackets feature many signature details for Neapolitan tailoring: a hand inserted, shirred sleevehead known as spalla camicia, soft shoulders, and very light constructions. These are also handmade from fabrics that are typically only available to bespoke customers. This navy suit, for example, is made from a very breathable tropical wool known as Fresco — a high twist, open weave cloth that has a bit of a texture to it, so you can wear the jacket and pants separately if you wish (silky, smooth fabrics should only be worn as part of a suit). 

Prices aren’t cheap, but with the sale, they’ve been discounted to $1,738 for a suit. That’s a great price for the kind of tailoring and fabrics used, and unheard of for this kind of Neapolitan styling. The only catch? Sizes are limited and sale items aren’t returnable. There is a tailoring credit of $140, however, and if you’re in or near NYC, you can make an appointment to stop by No Man Walks Alone’s offices (so you can try the stuff on in person). You can also see examples of how the silhouette looks here, here, and here