Real People: City and Country

As part of an ongoing series, Put This On will be featuring real men with great style.

Alex in Seoul has a typical conservative business dress look that is actually more colorful than you’d think at first glance. Against the background of a dark grey suit, the burgundy grenadine tie sits against a blue pinstriped shirt. Overall, the look is balanced. If he’d attempted to go with a pocket square in blue silk, it’d push the outfit over from CBD and into more fanciful territory. The white pocket square to me shows restraint — in a good way — that makes his city-appropriate outfit work.

Meanwhile, Andrew in Atlanta has a country casual outfit that I immediately found intriguing for a variety of reasons. Most noticeable is the jacket, featuring four patch pockets on the front — including one button-down flapped pocket on each breast. Because the sport coat is a woody tweed though and has other refined county jacket details like a throat latch on the lapel, it actually doesn’t look as outrageous as it might on a different fabric or context. Paired with grey flannels, a button-down collared shirt and a knit tie, the outfit as a whole has a cohesive look for the outdoors.