All I Want For Christmas: Ask Andy

In our series All I Want For Christmas, we ask men we like what they’d like to get for Christmas.  Our final subject Andy Gilchrist is the proprietor of Ask Andy About Clothes.  The site features both his book (on CD), “The Encyclopedia of Men’s Clothes,” and a popular men’s style forum.  He’s a classicist, and his site is the unofficial home of the “trads,” who espouse the principles of traditional American style.  So what does the man who gives advice want?

It’s on the luxurious list, but why not treat yourself to a cashmere* sweater!  Go with a cable knit for more interest and a tan color (neutral) for maximum versatility.  Neutral colors go with everything.
You can choose a V-neck, which will show more shirt and attract attention to your face or the classic crew neck.

Happy holidays!

*Cashmere is very soft, and luxurious yarn spun from the wool obtained from the soft fleecy underbelly of the Kashmir (Capra Hircus) goat of the Kashmir Valley, northwestern India.  For many centuries Kashmir was the only place the fiber could be woven, according to treaties that gave the Maharaja of Kashmir exclusive rights to the cashmere supply, but now the Kashmir goat is raised in Tibet, Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, and India.

V-neck cashmere sweater by Polo, $299

All I Want For Christmas

In our series “All I Want For Christmas,” we ask guys we think are cool to tell us what they’d like to get as a gift this holiday season.  Today’s subject Giuseppe Timore is the proprietor of An Affordable Wardrobe, which chronicles his efforts to assemble a stylish, classic wardrobe from pieces found in New England thrift stores.  So what does the guy who won’t spend any money what someone else to spend money on?

I remember like it was yesterday…I’d been toying around with “go-to-Hell” pants in the Summer for a while, but the onset of winter always meant a return to a muted palette of grays and browns. Maybe a bright pair of socks now and again for good measure. And then I fell for some flat front, wide wale corduroys in a damn near obnoxious shade of red called “cranberry”. On sale at the end of the season on the Lands End web site. I was hooked.

Just this past month, I couldn’t help but acquire another pair in a rusty orange brown called “cinnamon”. Blame it on the 25% off coupon in my email.

If only Santa, or the Mrs., could find me a pair in bright yellow, and maybe another in  some pushy shade of green…call it “banana” and “lime” in keeping with the food-as-colors theme. Lavender and pink are nice, too.

Wide wale cords are both warm and comfortable on cold New England days. Bright colors are a cheery and welcome break from the sea of gray flannel and brown tweed around us, and a great way to breath some life into those days that are pitch dark by 4:00 p.m.

All I want for Christmas is more outrageous cords.

Above: yellow Prospect cords, $49.99 from Ralph Lauren

All I Want For Christmas: Will Boehlke

In our series All I Want For Christmas, we’re asking men we like what they’d like for Christmas.  Will Boehlke is the editor of the wonderful menswear blog A Suitable Wardrobe.  He’s an advocate of classic men’s style, and of bespoke clothing.  Put This On will also be presenting a talk by Will on gentlemanly dressing at this year’s MaxFunCon.  So what does the man who has his clothes made want for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is a pair of Tiffany’s knot cuff links in 18k gold. Classic, great looking, and entirely out of my price range.”

Tiffany & Co. Knot Cuff Links, $1750

All I Want For Christmas: Christian Chensvold

All this month, we’re asking men we think are cool to tell us about something they’d like to get for Christmas.  Christian Chensvold is the founder of Ivy Style, a blog which chronicles the Ivy League look, from Weejuns to sack suits.  So what does the Ivy Leaguer want for Christmas?

I’m hoping someone close to me, or even a stranger full of Christmas spirit, reads this and sees that all I want for Christmas are Mark McNairy’s black tassel loafers for Bass. These shoes are like one of those girls in your neighborhood that you never really noticed, and then one day suddenly you go, “Wow, she’s hot.” I’d pair these with soft shoulders and hard bop.

Tassel moccasins, Mark McNairy for Bass, available at Barney’s. Call for details.

All I Want For Christmas: Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry is a comic actor and improviser whose sweet mug you know from The Daily Show or film.  He’s got a brand new series coming soon on [adult swim], based on his hilarious web series Children’s Hospital, and in March you can catch him with John Cusack in the real film that is really called Hot Tub Time Machine.  So what does Mr. Hollywood want for Christmas?

"I’m usually yelling at people in Italian so why not dress more like an Italian film director?  Mi Grande!"

Persol 2747 Sunglasses

All I Want For Christmas: Kurt Andersen

In our regular feature All I Want for Christmas, we ask men we like what one item they’d like as a gift.

Kurt Andersen is the host of Public Radio International’s Studio 360, a wonderful weekly look at culture and the arts.  He’s also an accomplished journalist (having written for publications like The New Yorker), satirist (he co-founded Spy Magazine) and novelist (his most recent is Heyday).  His newest book is Reset: How This Crisis Can Restore Our Values and Renew America.  So what do you give the man who’s written everything?

"What I want — what I’ve wanted for years, before steampunk, before Freemans Sporting Club, before Robert Downey played Sherlock Holmes — may not exist. It’s a swallow-tail or claw-hammer jacket, this-ish but not from a place called Gentleman’s Emporium, elegant but not wedding-y, playful but not altogether goofy. It would be new and supple, not antique. Maybe it’s in Buenos Aires.”

Above: what Kurt wants (ish).

All I Want For Christmas: Marc Maron

In our series All I Want For Christmas, we ask men we think are cool what they’d like to get as a gift this year.

Marc Maron is an comic, radio & podcast host and writer.  His hilarious show WTF, is one of the top comedy programs in iTunes, and he’s appeared on Late Nate with Conan O’Brien and The Late Show with David Letterman literally dozens of times.  So what does he want to wear next time he goes on national television?

I commit to shoes and boots. I mean for the long haul. I’ve got some that have outlasted my two marriages. I don’t have a lot of pairs. I have enough to rotate them in and out on a yearly cycle (not unlike wives apparently) so I don’t wear them out (like I did the wives). I just bought a pair of Red Wing Black Cherry Gentleman Traveler boots. I NEED the black ones. NEED. Seriously… NEED. Please buy them for me.
Red Wing Gentleman Traveler

All I Want For Christmas: John Roderick

Today in our continuing series of style requests from men we like, John Roderick.  Roderick’s the frontman of the Seattle band The Long Winters, and his strapping, flannely, missing-toothed style makes him a darling of lumberjack fetishists everywhere.  In addition to his music, Roderick is the author of “electric aphorisms,” a book of short-form wit.

These custom-made boots are the ultimate, maximum piece of super-excellent boss gear, ever.  If I owned these boots I would just roam the back highways of America on my Triumph, dispensing a kind of rough justice as I searched for a way to forget my past. If I owned these boots I would probably be real quiet and hard to figure out, and waitresses would be intrigued by my solitary nature.  These boots are very expensive, but it wouldn’t matter because my only other clothes would be some dusty denim and a weather-beaten horsehide jacket.”

Eighteen Inch Wesco Boss Engineer Boot

Ultimatum by The Long Winters

All I Want For Christmas: Nick Sullivan

In our series All I Want For Christmas, we ask men we like what style item they’d like to get for Christmas.

Nick Sullivan is the editor of Esquire’s Big Black Book, and writes Ask Nick Sullivan for  Unfortunately, is kind of hard to navigate, so the best link for that we can give you is this page of pieces he’s written.  He’s also a supremely nice guy, though it should be noted that we’ve extrapolated that piece of information solely from the fact he sent us a nice email about our first video.  So, what does a fashion editor want for Christmas?  Three things, as it turns out.

Just as its clothing sits in a unique niche entirely of its own making between dressy and casual,
Brunello’s soft hued brogues span the gulf between proper grown up shoes and trainers.  There is nothing hybrid about these shoes but they are extremely comfortable, and they knock the stuffing out of a suit and add they chutzpah - or whatever the italian word for it is - to jeans or khakis.

Less the huntin shootin fishing style of the traditional Toffs outerwear, the Barbour International was conceived for and worn as a two piece suit by motorcyclists from the 30s on and adapted for use by World War II Submarine captains, and later even up to the present day by NATO
Cut shorter and slimmer than the country coats, it also had assymmetric pockets on the chest for ease of access when astrid a BAS or Triumph.

Stripey socks are my schtick. Lurid combinations of pink and yellow, red and blue, lime green and orange. I wear them with jeans and occasionally with suits. I should point out that since I have never served in the The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, nor occupy my mis-spent youth at Eton, Harrow or Stonyhurst, I don’t technically have the slightest right but damn do I like those colors.  Somehow for me, in America, socks are ok. But ties are not.

All I Want For Christmas: Rob Walker

In our continuing series All I Want For Christmas, we ask me we like what they’d like to get as a gift.

Rob Walker writes the New York Times Magazine’s “Consumed” column, which looks at the ways we spend our money, and the many ways marketers reach our minds.  He’s written extensively about what he calls “murketing,” the new, trickier ways that people who sell reach people who buy.  Needless to say, he’s against it.  So what does the man who tells us what not to buy want for Christmas?

"I already have too many shoes, so it would take something pretty special to make me happy about getting another pair. Here’s a for instance: I’d gladly accept the full-on custom, handmade footwear experience offered by ExIT Shoes, in Portland. This costs $1,000, and would involve a gift-giver bankrolling multiple trips to Portland from wherever it is I live. Look at all the steps involved! Including a week of wearing a “trial pair” around to make sure everything is perfect! The result is something like this or this. Plus a story I’d never stop telling, which is probably the point.”

Custom shoes by Exit Shoes, $1000