Fourth of July Sales Events

A bunch of retailers are running Fourth of July sales. Note that even if you don’t care for the items I’ve highlighted below, you may want to browse each store’s selections, as many of them have discounts on a wide variety of items. 

  • Brooks Brothers: Brooks’ summer clearance event has begun. Up to 50% off select items. I’m particularly a fan of this sand colored jacket as a spring/ summer outerwear piece. 
  • Gap: Although I’m generally not that crazy about The Gap, I think their undershirts offer a good value. They’re priced at $15 for two, and you can take an additional 10% off with the code GAP4TH at checkout. 
  • Gant: Up to 50% off select items. There are some madras shirts in there you can check out. 
  • Jack Threads: Bass bucks and Supergas for about $50 each. 
  • Lands End Canvas: A ton of shirts on sale for pretty cheap. Their construction isn’t the most well done, and the cuts are sometimes all over the place, but they remain a good option for people on a tight budget. 
  • Levis: Take 20% off orders over $100 and 30% off orders over $150. Use the code SUMMER at checkout
  • Allen Edmonds: Clearance sale on select summer items. These chocolate brown unlined suede chukkas seem like a good deal at $125. 
  • Ovadia and Sons: Significant discounts on outerwear.
  • Far Fetch: A ton of sales going on right now. Just select an item category and mark the brands you’re interested in. 

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Bass’ Summer Footwear for $60

Following on Jesse’s post about how to save with suede (a point I fully agree with), I thought I’d direct readers to these two Amazon deals for Bass’ bucks and chukkas. Both are on sale right now for about $60. 

Note that I have absolutely no experience with Bass, and have never handled them in person. From checking with friends and Twitter followers who’ve owned Bass’ suede shoes, however, most seem to be fairly happy with their performance. They’re not the most high quality shoes, but everyone seems to say they’re great for their price. Only one friend had a bad experience, but that was with a pair of leather loafers with a leather sole (the sole cracked and split early). Those problems might be less relevant for suede models with rubber bottoms. 

You can judge the quality for yourself when you buy them. For $60, the styling looks quite good, and they could be a great option for folks who need some stylish summer footwear, but are on a budget. 

“I hate sandals on men. Flip-flops make me nauseated. If you are at the beach and you go in to grab a drink at the bar, that’s fine. But if I’m at a restaurant and a guy sits next to me in flip-flops, it’s disgusting” — Designer Mark McNairy, who goes on to explain that he did design a pair of flip-flops, because “it’s a saleable item.”
"Alligator without being an asshole."  - The Trad

"Alligator without being an asshole."  - The Trad

All I Want For Christmas: Christian Chensvold

All this month, we’re asking men we think are cool to tell us about something they’d like to get for Christmas.  Christian Chensvold is the founder of Ivy Style, a blog which chronicles the Ivy League look, from Weejuns to sack suits.  So what does the Ivy Leaguer want for Christmas?

I’m hoping someone close to me, or even a stranger full of Christmas spirit, reads this and sees that all I want for Christmas are Mark McNairy’s black tassel loafers for Bass. These shoes are like one of those girls in your neighborhood that you never really noticed, and then one day suddenly you go, “Wow, she’s hot.” I’d pair these with soft shoulders and hard bop.

Tassel moccasins, Mark McNairy for Bass, available at Barney’s. Call for details.