While Derek’s been busy writing up a storm here on the site, I’ve been busy myself. I spent the weekend at my annual conference, MaxFunCon. Today, I was out shooting my very last segment for season one of Put This On. I took some phone shots of Ben Harrison, our shooter, and Mr. Ryu, my tailor, while I was off camera. Look forward to Episode 6: Body and Episode 7: Personal Style soon!

Our camera man and editor Ben Harrison has been cooking up cocktail bitters for years, refining an amazing recipe. Now he’s kicking things up a notch with a Kickstarter project to make a Giant Vat’s worth. A twenty dollar pledge gets you a bottle of Hella Bitter Citrus Cocktail Bitters, featuring Ben offering his best thizz face on the label. Well worth a couple of sawbucks, says I.