Biz Markie and Dockers

Jesse’s last post reminded me of this hilarious article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week.

Before rapper and deejay Biz Markie began spinning records at a party celebrating Dockers’ Fall 2011 collection at the Hudson & Broad showroom in TriBeCa, he tried to explain why his teaming up with a brand best known for unhip Dad pants during the casual-Friday ’90s made sense.

"Well, somebody contacted me and, you know, I like Dockers," said the entertainer, best known for his late-’80s hit hit-hop breakup song "Just A Friend."

"I wear Dockers," he said, though he was clad in baggy gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. "They’re comfortable. I’m a comfortable man." Pause. "Dockers is a mature jean. You can wear it anywhere." Pause. "Eh, plus, I just love Dockers."

A Dockers spokesman said tapping Biz Markie was symbolic as the brand seeks to update its image with more modern fits and styles. 

The last line is especially hilarious. The whole thing reminds me of when Jay Z tried to convince us he uses HP. I mean, come on bruh …

I may have posted this before, but it remains one of my favorite things ever. Street basketball and hip-hop DJ legend Bobbito Garcia aka DJ Cucumber Slice visits the home of Biz Markie to discover a room filled with sneakers. No furniture, just sneakers.

Watch this, then read this thread of Biz Markie stories on the breakbeat message board Soul Strut. Those two things will make your life better.

"The emma-emma-zuh-ay arruh-arruh-suh-kay / guaranteed to brighten your day."

The whole sneaker-head thing isn’t necessarily our personal style.  But that doesn’t mean that Bobbito Garcia and Biz Markie aren’t Great American Heroes, and Heroes of Style.  And we’re definitely behind having a room in your house for your shoes.  We’re still working towards it, but we’re behind it.