David Rees is one of the most fascinating men I know. He led a truly epic all-night party a few years ago at MaxFunCon East that people still tell me about. He created the iconic clip-art comic strip Get Your War On. He’s the world’s preeminent artisinal pencil sharpener. He’s hilarious, unique and insightful. And now, some poor sap has given David his own TV show.

"Going Deep with David Rees" is a deep dive into one topic per episode, and it premiers tonight at ten on NatGeo. The first episode is about digging a hole. The second is about tying your shoes.

I thought I’d created the definitive shoe-tying video, but it turns out David’s got me beat by a factor of ten. Above is a bit of his investigation of knots with a real sailor. Here he tests shoelaces with an outdoorsy guy.

Tune in tonight at ten. You’ll laugh, you’ll laugh more, you’ll learn, and you’ll wonder how David Rees got his own TV show.

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I care about America, Americans and most importantly American Craftsmanship. That’s why I’m so excited about David Rees’ new book, How To Sharpen Pencils.

Rees spent nearly a decade in an uninspiring corporate drone job as an independent satirical political cartoonist. In 2009, he quit and dedicated himself to the craft of pencil-sharpening. Today, he’s a master of a dying art, perhaps the world’s foremost expert on bringing the inner beauty of a pencil’s sharpness out using a traditional straight blade.

He charges $15.