Engadget’s “Peripheral Vision” series looks at creative people whose work intersects with the tech industry. For episode 009, they talked to yours truly about where podcasting is heading, why Put This On and MaximumFun.org are independent, and some other stuff. Basically I map out the future of the entire media world in a few deft turns of phrase, with time left over to make a perfect soufflé.

When our director Ben Harrison isn’t frantically editing our Milan episodes (coming soon!), he directs the Engadget Show. Considering the show is co-hosted by an old college pal of mine, the very funny Brian Heater, and features two other pals, John Hodgman and Charlie Todd (the founder of Improv Everywhere), it struck me as worth a post. It’s a fun show about the intersection between technology and our lives - sort of like Put This On, if you replace menswear with gadgets.

Hodgman even shows up in cartoon form!