Bringing Back Fashion Illustration

Illustration is an overlooked, if not forgotten, art form these days. An obsession with photography – digitally enhanced more often than not – dominates the media, but I would like to see some creative company revive the classic techniques of the past. They could do worse than look to these examples for inspiration – all taken from a catalogue of a British company called Thexton & Wright.”

Eric Musgrave (via IQ Fashion)

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Above are samples of Robert Noble’s Gamekeeper tweed. I found them after reading Eric Musgrave’s post about Kathryn Sargent, and seeing the handsome Robert Noble tweed jacket he had her make up for him. This is some really, really beautiful stuff.

Last night I watched the BBC documentary “The Perfect Suit.” It’s a breezy history of the men’s lounge suit. I particularly enjoyed the segment with Eric Musgrave, author of “Sharp Suits,” which details the history of the lounge suit. The designers selected were very interesting as well - Antony Price, who helped define the suiting aesthetic of the 1980s, and Paul Smith, who speaks with passion about finding ways to make a uniform special on a mass-market scale. It’s also chock-full of charming archival footage. The special paints with very broad strokes, and there isn’t a lot of insight in it, but it does get everything pretty much right.

I only wish I could muster 1/10th of the host’s wide-eyed naif credulity. I get it: he is baffled and confounded by suits. You can find his brief article about the suit here.