It’s a Black Sweater Massacre with the Reigning Monarchs

When you roll in LA comedy circles, you don’t meet a lot of men who are inclined towards the sartorial. Greg Behrendt, though, is an exception. Behrendt (above, left) is one of the funniest standups in the country, but he’s also a man who’s deeply passionate about clothes. He even has shears and a needle and thread tattooed on one arm.

When Greg isn’t behind a standup mic, he fronts the band The Reigning Monarchs with his friend Michael Eisenstein (Letters to Cleo). Their music is a bit like the soundtrack of a lost B-movie about beach babes driving hot rods. Exciting, driving and totally instrumental.

Below is the title track from their new album… highly recommended. You can grab the album from their site for $7 now.

Our pal Greg Behrendt is the only standup comedian we know with sartorially-themed tattoos. His great instrumental rock band The Reigning Monarchs plays music that sounds like the soundtrack to an awesome movie that doesn’t exist yet, and they’re raising money on IndieGoGo to make a new record and head out on tour in 2013. To celebrate the holiday, they posted this lovely holiday tune… “God Rest Ye Merry Sweatermen.” Seriously, these guys LOVE cardigans.

All I Want For Christmas: Greg Behrendt

In our continuing series All I Want For Christmas, we ask me we like what they’d like to get as a gift.

Greg Behrendt is a standup comedian with a tattoo that reads, “Dress Better.”  He can even work a sewing machine.  His hilarious new special now on DVD is “Greg Behrendt is That Guy From That Thing,” and his band, the Reigning Monarchs, have a new CD of instrumental first-wave-style ska.  So what does Greg want for Christmas?

"Currently obsessing on the Stauer Dastronic Watch. It’s half watch half dashboard and you can wear while putting your fist through a wall.  And comes with the guarantee that if you are not getting compliments in the first 30 days get a full refund!”

Stauer Dashtronic Watch, $99