“A lot of people go, ‘Oh I hate putting a suit on’ and ‘how can you be comfortable in a suit?’ And it’s like, because this is like medieval armor for me. When I put this on, it’s like when you see in the movies and they put a breastplate on and there’s a valet and he’s standing next to him and a page, and they light a candle and whatnot and I kneel down in front of a thing and I cross myself and I kiss the end of my sword, and I look up a picture of the king - oh fuck yeah! - and there’s a giant purple crystal hanging over my head, and Nicol Williamson is there with a conical hat with mystic runes on it and shit, and an owl flies into the room and sits on his shoulder and looks at me knowingly, right? And then, I fucking put my thing on and they put my cape on over me and I mount a giant horse and shit like that… that’s what this feels like to me. I feel like I have the protection of the Lord, and that I might go on the crusades - safely - and return with massive booty, and sack Jerusalem, and even meet a Saracen girl. All those things go through my mind when I put my suit on.”

Greg Proops, from his Smartest Man in the World podcast

(Thanks, Brendan!)

The very funny comic Greg Proops is the guest on this week’s episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Never Not Funny.  Greg always wears a suit on stage, and so does Jimmy Pardo, the host of the show.  In this six or eight minute clip from the show, they get deep into why they wear a suit on stage.  You haven’t seen episode three of Put This On yet, of course, but when you do, the resonances will be clear.