Coinage via Jon Caramanica, on the condition afflicting heritage brands as they clumsily try to hold on to the roots that make them interesting while pivoting to attract new customers. In this case, he’s talking about Filson. I suffer from chronic keep-it-real-itis myself.


“Learning to move elegantly through the world is one of the great pleasures of manhood. No longer do you have to stomp and clomp and speak with your jaw first. At a certain point, the body knows what it is, knows how it is received — and those around respond accordingly. Manhood is grace and certainty. Confidence. Ease.”

Jon Caramanica on dressing like a grownup (sort of) in The New York Times.


“It is possible to like a look and not crave it, to appreciate it and yet know it’s for someone else. Clothes, like photographs and poems and reality TV shows, work on several levels. Sometimes it’s best to stand back, out of the blast radius.” Jon Caramanica on Lanvin men’s store (link via Breathnaigh). Similarly, I would add, it’s possible to like a look even if it’s not something you would adopt for yourself. It’s good to separate these two concepts.