It’s On Sale: Nigel Cabourn at Marrkt

The British flash sale site Marrkt is very quiet, but they do have semi-annual sales on the brilliant English designer Nigel Cabourn. Their Spring/Summer sale just went up, and it’s really full of great stuff. The green military shirt-jacket pictured above is one I own and wear all the time, and the other two are ones I wish were on sale in my size.

Orders ship to the US free(!), and folks outside of the EU get a 20% discount in the cart to account for VAT. Remember that these are Euro sizes so drop ten - I’ve found that a 52 is a pretty true 42.

Here’s our invite if you don’t have an account already.

It’s On Sale: Nigel Cabourn at Marrkt

Derek and I are both enamored of the British menswear designer Nigel Cabourn, whose work tweaks archival military and expedition clothes in just-right ways, making a sort of Platonic ideal of classic streetwear.

Cabourn’s rarely on sale, but the English flash sale site Marrkt is currently offering a selection of items, along with some stuff from Highland 2000 and Edwin Vintage. Lots of beautiful outerwear for those of you who need coats for the fall and winter cold.

As usual, the site is by invitation, and if you’d like to use ours, we get a kickback.


I usually don’t post information related to designer clothing on here, but Marrkt seems worth talking about. It’s another one of those online companies that does limited-time sales on deadstock garments and sample pieces. Nothing new as a concept, but they’ve taken in much more interesting brands than many of their competitors. Their last sale, for example, was with Nigel Cabourn (though the stock is now kind of decimated), and Common Projects is scheduled for November 6th. Designer clothing, to be sure, but stuff that I think may be of interest to young men with slightly more classic sensibilities. 

The prices here are not low by any stretch of the imagination, but they do bring things down from astronomically high to just very high. For what it’s worth, they’re crediting accounts £10 if you like them on Facebook.