"No Fear" T-Shirts Based On Board Games

"Out of jail. Two hotels on St. James. NO FEAR.”

"Up by 9. One turn left. You’ve got the Q. NO FEAR.”

"Pawns can’t move backwards. NO FEAR.”

"Mr. Green. In the observatory. Probably with the lead pipe. NO FEAR.”

"There is a ladder ahead. But there is also a snake. NO FEAR.”

"Funny bone. NO FEAR.”

"Build a banana out of clay. NO FEAR.”

"I’ve never even heard of any of these TV shows—wasn’t Trivial Pursuit made in, like, 1955? NO FEAR.”

(taken from McSweeney’s)

Ways in which the Midwest Express In-Flight Catalog Describes Shirts That Won’t Wrinkle

Won’t wrinkle
Resists wrinkles
Wrinkle resistant
Heroically wrinkle resistant
Wrinkle defiant
A wonder of wrinkle-defying elegance
Virtually wrinkle-free
Virtually wrinkleproof
Guaranteed not to wrinkle
No wrinkles — guaranteed
Never needs ironing
Wrinkle shedding
Magically sheds wrinkles
Scorns wrinkles, shuns dry cleaning
Defies wrinkles and pickpockets
Passes the wrinkle test with flying colors
Sends wrinkles packing
Packs without wrinkling
Unpacks without a wrinkle
Go for days without a rumple
Say arrivederci to wrinkles
Say farewell to wrinkles, au revoir to ironing

(taken from McSweeney’s)