When New York Fashion Week begins Thursday, two masculine archetypes will be engaged in a lively debate on the subject of manliness: what is beloved and what is rebuked; what is romanticized and what is demonized; what is hot and what is not.

One of these guys is beanpole skinny. He isn’t classically handsome. He might simply be an odd duck — someone with a perfectly imperfect face that is impossible to ignore. His longtime dominance of the fashion conversation is being challenged by the return of a man with muscles and swagger who exists in a cloud of intoxicating testosterone.

If these two extremes have anything in common, it is this: Both types are white. After so many years, that remains the default choice.

Robin Givhan on male models, “aesthetics,” and diversity in the Washington Post.

Dave Hill Visits New York Fashion Week: 2011

"Hi, I’m Dave Hill for Put This On, coming to you from Fashion Week in New York City, a week-long nightmare where people try, and fail, to look as incredible as me."

As a thank-you for all of the 1,600+ people who backed season two of our show, we sent our correspondent Dave Hill to New York Fashion Week to talk to fashion fans ranging from the exceedingly gracious Bryan Boy to the the exceedingly quiet “Natasha Finkel, Fashionista Feline of the Persian Persuasion.” (Cats can’t talk.)

As always, Dave made some new friends, some new LADY friends, and wowed the world with his dashing style and almost inhuman panache.

"Statistically speaking, we’re standing in the eye of a poon storm."