It’s On Sale: Fancy Sneakers

Oki-Ni is having a 30% off sale on select spring items. To qualify, you have to be located in either the US or Canada, and select one of those countries as your location when you checkout. After that, simply enter the code 30PREVIEW. 

Included in the promotion are sneakers by Common Projects and Maison Martin Margiela. After you’ve ordered, you can get ~20% refunded by emailing Oki-Ni asking for a VAT refund (VAT is for European taxes, which you don’t have to pay if you live outside of Western Europe). 

That brings the price of things down to about $250 for Common Projects Achilles lows, $345 for Common Projects bball highs, and $250 for Margiela German Army Trainers. These prices are admittedly a bit ridiculous for sneakers that are just replicas of originals that sell for a fraction of the price, but … they do look nice, and I’ve found them to be very versatile. 

For more affordable options, check Jesse’s post on the original German Army Trainers. Nike also just released an all white, Nike ID version of their Air Force Ones (which those Common Projects are based on). 

It’s On Sale: Common Projects and Margiela Sneakers

Oki Ni is having a spring/ summer sale for customers in the United States and Canada. Take 30% off with the code SUMMER30. The code works on the Common Projects and Maison Martin Margiela sneakers you see above, both of which come out to about $275 after discount. You can then email the store and ask for VAT to be refunded. That’ll knock these down even further, to about $220. Shipping is free. 

(These run true to size, from my experience. Also, note that in order to get the code to work, you have to specify your shipping destination to be either the US or Canada).