Our Beloved Sponsors

As an independently run site, we feel very fortunate to have companies sponsor what we do. So twice a month, we like to give our sponsors a quick “thank you,” and say a little about what’s going on with them. 

Our first sponsor, Ledbury, is doing a massive giveaway. It’s called “Outfit Your Office” and if you enter and win, you and everyone in your office will get a $150 gift card. That amount is meant to cover the cost of a free shirt, but you can use the card towards any other purchase as well. As you can guess, given the contest’s design, this means that if other people in your office enter the giveaway, your chances of winning go up as well. And, for the winning office, Ledbury will also fly out and host a party (complete with bourbon) and do a shirt fitting for you.

Our next sponsor, The Hanger Project, just put a bunch of new products up on their site. Included are ton of new Drake’s ties, such as the bold, heavy silk prints and conservatives Tussahs you see above. Tussah, for those unfamiliar, is sort of like a distant cousin to raw silk. It’s a bit lighter weight and looser knit, but it has the same slubby texture that makes it great for the warmer seasons. There are also some new leather products by Daines & Hathaway, a premier English leather goods maker. This Kensington Zip Case, for example, features a brass key lock and can hold important documents, as well as 13” MacBook. 

Gustin also has some new things in. Lately, they’ve been doing things with heavier weight denim, such as the 26oz denim jeans they did last week (the heaviest used by an American brand), and the 23oz they’re releasing this week. As their business model goes, people sign up for pre-orders and then Gustin goes into production. In this way, the company can offer lower prices, as their customers don’t have to pay for middleman mark ups or the brand’s need to account for overstock. All of Gustin’s products are designed and made in San Francisco, and you can see how their jeans fit above. 

Lastly, Proper Cloth just added thirty new fabrics to their cloth selection. Included is everything from fun multi-colored ginghams to basic fabrics for the office. You can use these to design a custom shirt through their online made-to-measure program.

Our sincere thanks to all four sponsors. Their support is greatly appreciated.

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Our Beloved Sponsors

Twice a month, we like to give a special “thank you” to our sponsors. This month, they include Ledbury, The Hanger Project, Gustin, and Proper Cloth.

Ledbury has been busy rolling out five new shirts every week as part of their “short run shirt” program. That’s where they do small batch, limited edition designs that are up on their site for just four weeks. This allows them to play around a bit more with colors and patterns, while still sticking to their signature cuts. Check out two of the latest designs above, for example. One is a white shirt with a thin blue windowpane, and unique, multi-colored flecks woven throughout. The second is a blue linen shirt with fuchsia and white plaid. Both are bold looks in breathable, open-weave materials that will wear cool in the summer months.

The Hanger Project has also been busy. They just added some shoe trees to their large collection of shoe care accessories. That collection also includes Saphir shoe polishes and conditioners; La Cordonnerie Anglaise leather mats for you to place your shoes on while you polish them; and Tarrago suede weatherproofing sprays for the rainy season. International readers may also be happy to learn that The Hanger Project has introduced a “duty pre-paid” service for shipments to Canada, Australia, and the EU. That means that duties are paid at checkout and will be guaranteed by The Hanger Project, thus allowing shipments to deliver direct to the customer’s door.

Gustin has been rolling out some new things in addition to their main line of selvedge denim jeans. Included are a bunch of button down shirts – two in your standard blue and white oxford cloths, and two others in Japanese cotton plaids. Like with their jeans, these are made through an online crowdsourcing program. That means that people can purchase things as part of a group order, and receive lower prices since Gustin doesn’t have to pay for distribution mark ups or account for overstock inventory. On the downside, spaces for each campaign is limited, so once they’re filled up, the batch goes into production and what’s gone is gone.

Finally, we have Proper Cloth to thank. They’re an online made-to-measure shirt company that allows customers to get a bit more customization in their shirts’ cut and detailing. They recently just received a bunch of new fabrics in bold ginghams and office appropriate checks and stripes.

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Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our four sponsors this month, each of which has some new things going on. Our first sponsor, Ledbury, recently revamped their “short run shirt” program, where they’re now releasing five new shirt designs every week. This allows them to play around a bit more with fabrics, but still sticking to their signature details: a collar that won’t collapse underneath a sport coat, and a slightly lowered second button at the front, so you can unbutton the collar without looking like a sleazy 1970s disco dancer. Among this week’s selection? A slightly alternating green stripe design woven into a royal oxford cloth (a slightly dressier version of regular oxford) and a unique button down seersucker (seersucker being a slightly textured material that’s known for wearing well in hot weather).

Our next sponsor, The Hanger Project, just received some new accessories from Talarico and Robert Keyte. Talarico is a small, small umbrella workshop in Naples, Italy, where just two men (an uncle and his nephew) make about four umbrellas a day. Most of these are single stick, meaning a single piece of wood is bent with steam and pressure so that it forms both the handle and the shaft. There are also pocket squares and neckties from Robert Keyte, one of the last English printers for real ancient madder (a unique chalky silk that pairs well with flannels and tweed). Included in the stock is even an old unicorn pattern that was once printed for Holland & Holland, a London-based gun-maker known for producing some of the best sporting rifles and shotguns in the world.

We also want to thank Gustin, an online company that organizes crowdsourcing campaigns to produce things for customers at a more affordable price. That’s achieved by eliminating overstock inventory or distribution mark ups. They’ve done this most famously with selvedge denim from Cone Mills (which they turn into raw jeans that are meant to be worn and faded uniquely by the wearer), but they actually produce a lot of other stuff. Right now, for example, they have waxed charcoal chore coat from a 13.5oz cotton duck canvas. Everything is also made in San Francisco, California. The only catch is that space is limited, so once slots fill up, everything goes to production, and the slots for that coat are pretty close to being filled. On the upside, you can keep up with their new products and campaigns on their website.

Finally, we want to thank Proper Cloth, an online company for custom made-to-measure shirts. They just released a new spring collection (complete with a lookbook) called “Chambers & Worth.”

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Our Beloved Sponsors

We feel very fortunate to have companies sponsor our independent site, so twice a month, we like to give them a quick “thank you” for their support.

Our first sponsor this month, Ledbury, is revamping their short run shirt program. That program, as some readers may remember, is where Ledbury releases a limited edition collection of shirts every two weeks, made in small batches. This allows them to play around with styles and fabrics, while still sticking to a pretty classic sensibility. The new program will be like the old one, but on hyper drive. Where they used to release new shirts every two weeks, they’re now coming out with five new designs every Monday. Each design will be kept on the site for four weeks, at which point, it’ll be rolled off to make room for new shirts. Their site will also have multiple outfitted views of each shirt (with and without ties, with various pants and jackets, etc.) so that readers can think about how these shirts might be best worn. In this way, they’ll not only have more products on their site, but also more style advice.

Our second sponsor The Hanger Project is probably most known for their high-end wooden hangers, but they actually carry much more. This past week, for example, they received a new shipment of umbrellas from Mario Talarico – a small workshop in Naples, Italy, run by two men, who together produce about four umbrellas per day. In the past, Talarico umbrellas were near unobtainable unless you were able to go to Naples, but in the last year, they’ve become available through The Hanger Project. The new shipment includes umbrellas made with full-stick constructions – meaning a single stick of wood is bent with steam and pressure so that it forms both the handle and shaft. There are also umbrellas made from various unique materials, such as animal horn and whangee (a type of bamboo). 

Our next sponsor Gustin operates on a unique business model. They organize online crowdsourcing campaigns for things such as jeans, jackets, and small leather goods. In this way, they can offer things directly to their customers at significantly lower prices (as there’s no mark ups for retail stores or unsold inventory). This week, they’re starting a campaign for a waxed cotton canvas duffle bag. The bag is made from a heavy, brown, 20oz canvas; thick, oil-tanned, full-grain leather; and Italian-made hardware. All these components are then assembled at a factory in San Francisco, California (as all their stuff is) and will be available on their site this week. As it goes with all their campaigns, there’s limited space. Once the number of allotted slots gets filled, the campaign shuts down and goes into production.

Finally, we want to thank Proper Cloth, an online shirtmaker that allows men to buy shirts according to their taste and measurements. They’ve just released some popover shirts – a sort of pull-over shirt style that’s similar to a polo, but look dressier.  

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Our Beloved Sponsors

Our independent menswear is blog is lucky to have the financial support of a few sponsors, so twice a month, we like to give them a quick “thank you.”

Our first sponsor is Ledbury, a Virginia-based company that started off in shirtmaking, but has since grown to a full menswear line. One of their specialties is in “short run shirts.” Every two weeks, they introduce a new collection of limited-edition designs, made in small batches. This is gives them the opportunity to be a bit more creative with fabrics, collars, and styles, while still staying close to a very classic sensibility. Their latest short run offering? A collection of four button-down collar styles, which includes a traditional light blue oxford, but also more unique selections, such as a bold fuchsia oxford, a subtle blue herringbone, and a tattersall check that would look good underneath a corduroy or tweed sport coat. 

Our second advertiser The Hanger Project also has some new products in. There’s an expansion in their line of Ettinger wallets, for example. Ettinger, for those unfamiliar, is a British “heritage” line that specializes in the making of luxury leather goods - usually out of very hardwearing bridle leather. In addition, The Hanger Project has some new Nappa leather, silk-lined Merola gloves and Simonnot Godard pocket squares (both makers being quite well-regarded in their respective categories). They’ve also resumed Shoe Shine Sunday on their StyleForum affiliate thread, where forum members can share photos of their shoe shining process for a chance to win promotional codes and/ or free items. 

Our next sponsor Linkson Jack is a UK-based men’s accessories retailer. They sell everything from ox horn combs to shaving accessories to fine leather briefcases. They also have ties - lots and lots of ties - including wool ties; linen ties; and grenadine ties. Those are on discount for just a few more days this month, with 20% taken off at checkout if you use the code GOING. Linkson Jack’s ties are made by a Arcuri Cravatte, a small Italian maker that specializes in handmade constructions. As far as I know, Linkson Jack is also the most affordable source of bespoke Italian ties - which are made even more affordable now with that coupon code.

Finally, we want to thank Gustin and Proper Cloth for their support. Gustin is entering a new category this week: bags. The first model is a duffle made from extra heavy waxed canvas, full-grain leather strapping, and YKK zippers, all put together in the United States. And our supporters at Proper Cloth has recently launched a new section on their website called “Reference,” where there’s information and photos explaining how to improve the fit of a dress shirt. 

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Our Beloved Sponsors

We feel very fortunate to have the sponsors we do. As Imran Amed wrote yesterday, many fashion writers have their opinions neutered by editors who don’t want to piss off advertisers. Our blog allows us to write whatever we want, and the sponsorship of companies makes it financially supportable. So, twice a month, we like to give them a special “thank you.”

Our first sponsor is Ledbury, a company that started off by making men’s dress shirts, but has since expanded into a full menswear line with sport coats, overcoats, sweaters, and accessories. Their shirts are made unique by a slightly lower second button, so that you can wear them casually without a tie and keep a more attractive neckline. The collar is also a bit more robust, so that it won’t collapse underneath your sport coat. These are essentially shirts you can wear with a tie (as the collars points are long enough to not look too wimpy), but also casually without.

Our second sponsor The Hanger Project specializes in high-end wooden hangers – sport coat and suit hangers with wide shoulders to help support your jacket’s shape; trouser hangers with felted bars that won’t put a crease in your pants; and accessory hangers for things such as belts, ties, and scarves. In addition, they carry almost every shoe care accessory one might need, garment care products, and personal care supplies. They even have a category called “Misc. Fantastic Things” in the “Lifestyle Section” … and it’s appropriately named.

Our third sponsor is new to us. Linkson Jack is a UK retailer of fine men’s accessories. They carry workbags, gloves, and pocket squares, as well as oxhorn combs and garment brushes made by one of the finest English producers. Oxhorn combs are better than plastic ones because they don’t have the tiny ridges (made when the different parts are fused together) that can damage your hair. For this month, Linkson Jack is offering 20% off large oxhorn combs, oxhorn backed clothes brushes, and all neckties with the code GOING. The ties (which includes grenadines) are produced by a small workshop in Italy, where they’re handcut and handstitched. You can even order them made bespoke to your needs.

We have two more sponsors to thank – Gustin and Proper Cloth. Gustin does “online crowdsourcing,” most famously for jeans, which allows them to offer lower prices direct to customers. They have two wallet projects right now, one even made from Horween’s famous Chromexcel pull-up leather. Finally, Proper Cloth is an online custom shirt company that has been getting a bit of press in magazines such as GQ. They allow you to pick all the details – cloth, detailing, and style – and they’ll make it to your body’s measurements.

So, many thanks to all our sponsors. We genuinely appreciate their support.

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Our Beloved Sponsors

We like to thank our sponsors twice a month for their support, and it gives us a chance to talk a little about what they have going on at the moment. 

Our first sponsor, Ledbury, is a shirtmaker based in Richmond, Virginia. They recently just released a small collection of shirts in partnership with a local museum. Richmond’s Valentine History Museum boasts one of the largest collections of historical clothing in the world, and Ledbury went through their archives and recreated three of their favorite shirts, but with a bit more of a modern fit. There are three models, including a tuxedo and hunting shirt, each with Ledbury’s signature fit and detailing. I’ve pulled pictures of two of the shirts and posted them above. They’ve been styled with city or country life in mind. 

Our second sponsor, The Hanger Project, is having a sale that will end later today. Included is a wide range of Drake’s accessories, such as the very versatile Drake’s cashmere ties I’ve posted above, as well as some of their pocket squares. There’s also some suede travel slippers for those who either travel often or just want something for the home. The slippers are soft and flexible, and can be easily brought with you onto any airplane or into hotels. 

Gustin is our third sponsor. They’re an online crowdsourcing operation that allows people to pre-order items, thus helping cut down on surplus inventory and middleman mark-ups. The savings is then passed onto the consumer (you). They’ve done this with raw denim jeans and casual shirts, but this last week, they just made their first foray into outerwear. Their first design is a waxed canvas trucker jacket with some unique detailing. The tan waxed jacket, seen above, sold out quickly, as once they reach the minimum number of orders, the project closes and goes to production. On the upside, they’ve brought the design back in a 13.5oz waxed olive canvas. It’s about 60% funded, but still has some room and time left. 

Finally, we want to thank Compass Rose Design for their support. They make unique men’s and women’s accessories out of their workshop in San Francisco. 

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Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re very fortunate to have sponsors as an independent menswear blog, so twice a month, we like to give them a special “thank you.” Our first sponsor this month is Ledbury, a company that specializes in dress shirts, but in the last year or two, has been expanding into sport coats, knitwear, and various accessories. At the moment, they’re having a 40% off sale, which includes a very wide selection of summer shirts (tons of gingham in there) and some fall/ winter knitwear. They also have a Gilt City deal, where you can purchase $200 worth of store credit for $100. Credits can be applied to any full-priced shirt. 

Our second sponsor, The Hanger Project, is also having an end-of-the-season sale. Included is a wide selection of Drake’s neckties, Inis Meain sweaters, and some high-end shaving accessories. My favorites? Almost all the Drake’s accessories. Pictured above are some of the ancient madder and solid cashmere neckties, which would go excellently with any fall or winter sport coat or suit (e.g. heavy flannels, rough tweeds, ribbed corduroys). Note, users must be logged into an account in order to view the new pricing and the sale ends tonight (January 1st).

Our third sponsor, Gustin, isn’t having a sale, but that’s because they don’t carry any overstock. They’re an online company that crowdsources various denim and denim-related designs (work shirts, leather belts, sweatshirts, etc). They put up various products on their website, and if items get funded through pre-orders, they’re made and then shipped out. This direct-to-customer, crowdsourcing model is how they’re able to offer things such as American-made jeans - produced from Cone Mills’ raw selvedge denim - for as little as $81.

Finally, our last sponsor is Compass Rose Design, a company that sells unique accessories for both men and women. 

Our warmest thanks to all four companies for their support. We genuinely appreciate it. 

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Our Beloved Sponsors

Many thanks to our five sponsors this month for all their support. Our first sponsor, Ledbury, just celebrated their fourth year anniversary. The company’s two founders - Paul Trible and Paul Watson - apprenticed under a master tailor from Jermyn Street many years ago. Jermyn Street, as many people may know, is a street located in England, and known to be one of the most famous shirtmaking quarters in the world. Since then, they’ve built a successful company making not only shirts, but also sport coats, overcoats, knitwear, and accessories. They even just got in some new garment bags, and will be doing a special sale tomorrow, with 25% off given shirts plus free 2-3 day shipping. 

Our second sponsor, The Hanger Project, has a special section on their site this season specially dedicated to holiday gift ideas. Included are shoe shine kits, luxury wet shaving sets, handmade ties and pocket squares, and of course, the company’s flagship line of wooden hangers. There are also some suggestions for gifts under $50, if you’re looking for something very affordable. Domestic orders over $50 get free shipping.

Next, our third sponsor, Frank Clegg Leatherworks, just got picked up by our friends at The Armoury. Above are two of the bags they’re carrying - Frank’s signature duffles in black and tan (thanks to Alan for allowing us to use his pictures). You can check out the bags at The Armoury’s newly opened shop in New York City. Note, if anyone wants Frank’s beautiful bags as a Christmas gift, they’ll have to order soon. Their workshop in Fall River, Massachusetts is working at full capacity (they design and make everything in-house), so you’ll need to put in your order quickly to get timely delivery.

We also have Gustin and Compass Rose Design to thank. Gustin is known for their affordable, raw, selvedge denim jeans, but they also have other stuff. Right now, for example, they’re crowdsourcing a few workshirts, and soon they’ll have some 17oz Japanese loopwheeled sweatshirts in the offering. And finally, Compass Rose Design is continuing to offer their unique men’s and women’s accessories. For men, they have things such as tie clips and cufflinks made out of old train tokens and uniform buttons.

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Our Beloved Sponsors

We’re very lucky to have five sponsors this month (a new one for us is Gustin), so we’d like to give each of them a special “thank you.” Our first sponsor Ledbury is having a Cyber Monday sale today – 25% taken off on literally everything in their store. That not only includes their shirts, but also sport coats, overcoats, sweaters, and various men’s accessories. The sport coats are made in Italy, from Italian fabrics, and are either half- or fully-canvassed (it depends on the exact model). Knitwear is also made in Italy (from Scottish wool and cashmere) and they have styles about as varied as you can imagine – toggle closures, shawl collars, mock necks, crewnecks, and v-necks are available.

Our second sponsor The Hanger Project is also doing a Cyber Monday sale. The “first generation” of their sweater hanger has been discounted by 50%. These were made before they added flocking, and would be good for shirts or polos. They’re also taking up to 50% off things such as Castle Forbes shaving products, Stark & Sons ties, Codis Maya cufflinks, Felisi garment bags, and Abbeyhorn carving sets. Add to that an additional 10% discount on all orders over $250, 15% discount on all orders over $1,000, and free shipping on all orders over $500.

Our third sponsor Frank Clegg Leatherworks doesn’t have a Cyber Monday sale, but they do have some interesting developments. One of their first bags made in collaboration with Michael Bastian just got designed (it’s the green American briefcase you see above), and they’ve been making creative belts with vintage fabrics for General Knot & Co. They’ve also got something in works with LeatherSoul (a high end shoe retailer), and Babson Magazine just released a video interview they did with Frank, where they talk to him about how he got started in his trade.

We also want to thank Gustin and Compass Rose Design for their support. Gustin crowdsources American-made clothes in order to offer consumers more value, and though they’re most known for their jeans, they also have campaigns right now for Japanese shirts and some leather goods. Lastly, Compass Rose Design makes creative men’s and women’s accessories out of vintage items such as old trolley tokens and railroad date nails.

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