PTO Man: Pino Pipolli

Pino Pipolli is an artist, photographer and man-about-town. His style is composed, if slightly eccentric - you can spot a necktie tied without a knot, a country shirt with a city suit and a furry Borsalino in just this outfit.

This profile comes from our latest episode of Put This On. Watch the whole thing here now.

This segment with G. Bruce Boyer is one of my favorite pieces from S2 so far. Bruce is a sartorial hero.

Put This On Season 2, Episode 1: The Melting Pot

PTO Man: Jason Marshall

Meet Jason Marshall, a jazz saxaphonist with a classic style. He plays with bands ranging from traditional bop to hip-hop fusion to Aretha Franklin, but he prefers to wear tailored clothes when he does it, and explains why.

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PTO Man: G. Bruce Boyer

In this special bonus preview for Season Two of the menswear series Put This On, writer G. Bruce Boyer talks about his distinctly rumpled style. He says the clothes you wear are an armor against the slings and arrows of life, and you should enjoy them.

"You play to your strengths, you know? And my strengths happened to be rumpled."

G. Bruce Boyer’s latest book is Gary Cooper: Enduring Style.

Season Two of Put This On premieres March 13th at, along with the DVD of Season One.

Directed by Benjamin Ahr Harrison
Executive Producers Adam Lisagor & Jesse Thorn
Producer Andrew Yamato
Director of Photography Ryan Samul
Sound Andrew Reardon

Special thanks to Leonard Logsdail