Last night I watched the BBC documentary “The Perfect Suit.” It’s a breezy history of the men’s lounge suit. I particularly enjoyed the segment with Eric Musgrave, author of “Sharp Suits,” which details the history of the lounge suit. The designers selected were very interesting as well - Antony Price, who helped define the suiting aesthetic of the 1980s, and Paul Smith, who speaks with passion about finding ways to make a uniform special on a mass-market scale. It’s also chock-full of charming archival footage. The special paints with very broad strokes, and there isn’t a lot of insight in it, but it does get everything pretty much right.

I only wish I could muster 1/10th of the host’s wide-eyed naif credulity. I get it: he is baffled and confounded by suits. You can find his brief article about the suit here.

All I Want For Christmas: Paul F. Tompkins

Today we inaugurate a new series on - All I Want For Christmas.  Some of our favorite men will share with you one thing they’d love to get for Christmas this year.

Our first man: Paul F. Tompkins.  Paul’s one of the funniest men in America, and also a man rarely seen without a silk in his pocket.  His amazing new comedy album, Freak Wharf, is now available for pre-order.

"The only wardrobe-related item I want for Christmas is some sort of intestinal parasite that causes me to lose enough weight to fit into Paul Smith clothing. Does such a creature exist on Earth? Please, Santa, bring me whatever’s in that moon water! I am willing to take the chance that my mind will be controlled by moon monsters if I can wear one of those suits!”

Featured: Elephant Gray Check Jacket by Paul Smith