On my public radio show Bullseye, we close every episode with an essay by me that recommends some piece of culture. This week, I wrote about William Carlos Williams’ spectacular poem “Danse Russe,” but also about what it’s like to be a dad and live well. This piece is short, and I think you’ll like it. The episode it came from, with George Saunders and Maria Bamford, is one that I’m very, very proud of.

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Once in a while, I bring something from my public radio show Bullseye over here. Sometimes it’s because it’s related to menswear. Sometimes it’s just because I really like it. This is the latter.

Tony Hale played Buster Bluth on Arrested Development (and will play him again, as Netflix has revived the show), and he’s brilliant on the wonderful new HBO show Veep. I talked to him about being the Vice President’s “Body Man,” about how his faith intersects with his career as an artist, and of course about Buster.

The interview’s on Soundcloud here. You can hear the whole episode here, or get it (or subscribe!) free in iTunes with this link.

“Then I quickly throw on some clothes—the same outfit every day, pretty much. It’s just… I hate shopping because I hate myself and I don’t know what clothes to wear. And I get into an existential crisis when I have to choose clothes because I think “Well who am I, that I would wear this shirt rather than this one.” I’m not proud of that… There was a period about 10 years ago where I would have to get drunk in order to buy clothes.”

Ira Glass, interviewed by Marc Maron on WTFpod. (via breathnaigh)

Two of my favorite colleagues!

I just got back from the big public radio conference. Was pitching WTF to stations (I help produce the public radio version… ask for it by name). And I gave Ira a high five, but didn’t get a chance to hang out. Ira’s selling himself short. His one outfit (monochromatic semi-casual) works great for him. Nothing wrong with that.

As an aside: four public radio heroes who go to those conferences and stick up for all that’s right with pubcasting: Ira, Jay Allison, Jad Abumrad and Brooke Gladstone. That’s four kick-ass people right there, and I’m very, very proud to work in their industry.

99% Invisible - New Design Show


Roman Mars is one of the most admired producers in public radio.  You might not know his work, though he’s produced stuff on lots of the best public radio outlets.  He’s sort of a secret guru - a guy people come to when they want help creating something amazing and cutting-edge and most of all not boring.  As a second-rate public radio producer myself, I have nothing but admiration for the work he does.

He’s recently started producing a new series about design and architecture called 99% Invisible.  The pieces are about five minutes long, and they’re a fascinating window into something that shapes our lives every day in a thousand different ways.  You can use this link to subscribe to the podcast (free) in iTunes.