Put This On’s “Rudiments” correspondent, Dave Hill, isn’t just a sartorial instructor. He’s also a rock and roll God. Dave and his band Valley Lodge have a new single out - Kiss Me, I’m Drunk - and above is the video, which also features Dave’s hilarious friend Rich Fulcher, who you might know from The Mighty Boosh. Besides all that, it’s just a super-fun slice of rock.

Ready to blast off into your weekend?

Our Rudiments correspondent Dave Hill isn’t just a handsome international playboy and beloved comedian. He’s also the frontman of the excellent rock band Valley Lodge.

We don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say that not only is the video for their new single “Go” (which premiered today at Spin) rocking and exciting, it also has a hilarious surprise. Watch closely.


Andrew W.K. - I Want to See You Go Wild

Live on Fuel TV

My friend Andrew WK has perfected a blank aesthetic.  He told me he chose it because he wanted all the focus to be on his performance and none of it on his clothes.  It reminds me that we’re always dressing for a reason.

Also, AWK is just fucking great.