Rudiments: Black Suits

Dave Hill explains how and when to wear a black suit, from our latest episode. You can watch the whole episode (please do!) right here.

PTO Man: Pino Pipolli

Pino Pipolli is an artist, photographer and man-about-town. His style is composed, if slightly eccentric - you can spot a necktie tied without a knot, a country shirt with a city suit and a furry Borsalino in just this outfit.

This profile comes from our latest episode of Put This On. Watch the whole thing here now.

Put This On Place: 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is one of the most influential stores in the world… but it’s not just a place to buy clothes. There’s a bookstore, a cafe and even a tiny hotel.

This profile comes from our most recent episode, which you should watch here now.

Put This On: Consolidation (Milan)

Milan is one of the world’s great fashion capitals… but these days, it’s dominated by one megaconglomerate: Prada. How does this consolidation affect craftsmen? What about consumers? We went to Milan to ask those questions.

This is just one segment from our latest episode; you can (and should!) watch the whole thing right here.

Put This On Season 2, Episode 6: Consolidation

Gucci Gucci Louis Louis Fendi Fendi Prada… what happens when a hundred artisans’ shops become a few global megacompanies? We went to Milan, Italy, to talk to small-scale makers who work in the shadow of fashion conglomerates like Prada. It’s one of our most ambitious episodes and the grand finale of our season.

Take Antonio Pio Mele, a cobbler who makes shoes by hand in a small shop in central Milan. He’s grateful that huge brands occasionally hire him to make samples, but he’s angry they rarely pay him on time and that their “bespoke” operations are rarely genuinely bespoke. Scholar Alex Pietrogiacomi provides some philosophical context, and photographer Simone Falcetta explains how consolidation has changed the fashion world.

We also talk to Milanese dandy Pino Pipoli, Dave Hill offers a rudiment about black suits, and the beautiful Valentina Galbiati gives us a guided tour of Milan’s most influential and beautiful boutique, 10 Corso Como.

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