Barney’s Warehouse Sale starts today here in Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center.  Discounts are significant, but not monumental at the beginning of the sale - they cut pretty heavily by the end.  I went last year in San Francisco and got some great stuff.  The New York sale starts February 11th.

Saks’ Biggest Sale Starts Tomorrow

Per Madison Ave. Spy:

At the very end of the season, Saks Fifth Avenue ships all their left-over sales merchandise to eight major Saks locations across the country. Starting Thurs. Jan. 21st, geographically blessed shoppers can sift through racks of the season’s orphans. The sale usually only lasts a few weeks and discounts typically range from 70% off to 90% off.

Even though the sale isn’t slated to start for two days we are sure that the racks are out. Try to find a trust worthy sales person to presale or stash your consolidation babies.

Participating stores include:
• Manhattan, NYC
• Atlanta
• Beverly Hills
• Boston
• Chevy Chase, D.C.
• Chicago
• Houston’s Galleria
• San Francisco