Need Jewelry Storage? Try A Tackle Box.

Once you accept the possibility you might wear cuff links, a tie clip, a stickpin, a silk flower in your lapel or some other not-strictly-necessary little adornment, you quickly run into the question of where to keep it. When you outgrow a little pile on your nightstand, a tackle box is a good-looking and affordable option.

Of course, most tackle boxes these days are plastic and ugly as sin, but not all that long ago, they were as lovely as the one above, which my wife picked out for her own jewelry. They can also be kept under a sink or in a coat closet without attracting the attention of thieves, if you so choose.

My own jewelry is in a box slightly larger than the above. It’s wooden, and was made locally here in Southern California, presumably in the 1940s or so. It set me back twenty dollars at a flea market. There are tons of options on Etsy and eBay for those who don’t like to get up early - have at it.