It’s On Sale: Raw Denim

Tellason Jeans are on sale at Orvis for $104. Only sizes 34 through 38 are available, however. Orvis unfortunately doesn’t specify which models these are, but I suspect they’re the Ankara and John Graham Mellor. You can see measurements for both models at Woodlands

Additionally, Aloha Rag has put their AR Twist Cut Denim on sale at $87. I’ve never handled them in person, so can’t speak to their quality, but they do offer measurements for each size on their site, and almost all sizes are still available. Note, they will only take sale items back for store credit. 

It’s On Sale: Tellason Denim

For a limited time, you can take 20% off at North River Outfitters with the checkout code matchbook. The code seems to work on everything except Aldens. That includes the Tellason jeans you see here, which have already been discounted to $165. With the code, these come out to $132, with free shipping to boot. 

Note, I have no experience with Tellason’s jeans outside of handling them in a store. They seemed nice in person, but as it goes with clothing, you don’t really know the quality of something until you’ve personally worn it for a while. On the upside, Tellason gets good reviews on Superfuture, where many denim enthusiasts hang out, and Woodlands has measurements for one of the models. You’ll want familiarize yourself with the brand before buying, as North River Outfitters will only offer exchanges or store credit on returned sale items. 

50% off at North River Outfitter

North River Outfitter is running a 50% off promo through Gilt City Boston.
Options are $50 for a $100 gift certificate or $100 for $200 gift certificate. The promotion doesn’t apply to Alden, Omersa or Church’s, but they do have some nice things by Barbour, JW Hulme, Bill’s Khakis, and Tellason.

Note, I wasn’t able to confirm with them if this promotion applies to phone or web orders (they won’t pick up the phone!), so you may want to call at a later point and check. 

Update: It looks like this is indeed in-store only. Good news for people who live in Boston. Bugger for the rest of us.