It’s On Sale: Footwear at Urban Outfitters

I have a long-standing teenage grudge against Urban Outfitters, but why let integrity and principle get in the way of a 25% discount? All footwear at UO is on sale right now, making a lot of classic casual shoes like Clark’s Wallabees or Red Wing boots one-fourth more affordable, and  unimpeachable summer sneakers like Vans Authentics downright cheap. If you download their app, you also get free shipping.



Urban Outfitters plans to split the facade of a new store on the Upper West Side into four distinct “storefronts”: a hat store, a hardware store, a neighborhood bar and a bodega.

“The whole idea was to do this kind of ironic statement of lining the building with storefronts that would be reminiscent of independent businesses,” says Ron Pompei, creative director of Pompei A.D., which designed the store, slated to open in August.

“Ironic statement?” This is hipsterdom at a new low, and I’m going to be sick.

You want real New York on the Upper West Side?  Get a bagel from H&H, some whitefish from Barney Greengrass and rugelach from Zabar’s. Go see an opera at The Met. And then get this book.

Trying to ironize my childhood? How dare you, Urban Outfitters.

Creep city.

Urban Outfitters is offering a great new denim option: Unbranded. 

This is denim in its essential form.  Without logos, washes, fading, whatever.  Just a solid cut, selvage denim, and you.  The best part is that they’re a quite reasonable $78 a pair.  The slim straight seems like a great option to us.

(via SartInc)