I may have posted this before, but it remains one of my favorite things ever. Street basketball and hip-hop DJ legend Bobbito Garcia aka DJ Cucumber Slice visits the home of Biz Markie to discover a room filled with sneakers. No furniture, just sneakers.

Watch this, then read this thread of Biz Markie stories on the breakbeat message board Soul Strut. Those two things will make your life better.

"The emma-emma-zuh-ay arruh-arruh-suh-kay / guaranteed to brighten your day."

I’m not the only one who’s passionate about personal grooming. There’s also one Sterling Archer, codename: “Duchess.”

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PTO Pal Nick Sullivan of Esquire teams up with joins with Patrick Grant, owner of the Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons for a drive around the UK to visit the places where some of the world’s finest clothing (and the constituent parts of the world’s finest clothing) is made. Check out more at Esquire.

A well-fitted armhole is essential to a top’s ease of movement, as this video by Mathew Farnes of Savile Row Artisan demonstrates. The relationship between sleeve, arm and shoulder is one of the great challenges a tailor faces in making a jacket, and one of the reasons jackets are so much more expensive to make than trousers.

One of the most fun things we did on our trip to New York was to stop by Alan Flusser’s shop.  There, we met Dennis, who in addition to working for Mr. Flusser is the proprietor of the blog Made-to-Measure NY.  Dennis couldn’t have been a more gracious host, and was excited to hear that we’re subscribers to his interesting blog. 

Above is Dennis’ first video, which has some lovely illustrations of how to wear a pocket square.

"How I Get Dressed" with Patrick Grant, the owner of Norton & Sons

"Handsome Boy Modeling School gave me the confidence to be a model.  If it wasn’t for them, I would still have sixty dollars."


“They can’t keep their clothes on and they can’t keep things out of their asses.”

Is this style-related?  Not technically, no.  But if I’m reading my style tumblrs, and I first see THE GREAT DAVE HILL, then see THE GREAT DAVID RAKOFF, it’s going to be reblogged. 

Fun fact: THE GREAT DAVE HILL has recently agreed to an offer of future short-term employment with Put This On & Associates (P.T.O. & Ass.).  Note that you will not see the fruits of said labors for many months, so don’t freak out.

Rollie sends us this touching video from “Tales of Mere Existence.”  The sentiments contained here are pretty much universal - clothes are tied in with social and identity issues that are as thorny and difficult for Anna Wintour as they are for Lev Yilmaz (who created this video).

My advice is to learn, explore and, when in doubt, simplify.

The Onion Network News: “How To Thrust Your Fat Into A More Appealing Shape”