“As a teenager in Michigan, [Andrew] W.K. told Speakeasy, he loved making clothes and applied to fashion school when he moved to New York after high school. His true love was Rei Kawakubo’s avant-garde label Commes des Garcons. After writing letters to the label’s office, he eventually landed an administrative assistant position. W.K. filled it for a few months until he was ultimately fired.” The Wall Street Journal reveals Andrew WK’s coulda-woulda-shoulda career in fashion.

Friday, October 30th from 8-11 PM we’ll be celebrating the launch of our pilot with a party at Rising Sun in Pasadena.

The free drink menu is all American classics.

Gin Punch (from a 1964 issue of Gourmet)

Miller High Life

& Mexican Coca-Cola.

We’re screening the show at 9 and 10.

I hope we’ll see you there.