The Summer Of White Tees 2011: It’s ON!

April 11, 2011

The Summer of White Tees 2011: It’s ON!

Once again, we’re offering a special deal for readers of Put This On who want to refresh their supply of white tees for the summer. Thanks to my wholesale account at my favorite t-shirt vendor, we can get you a special deal on this wardrobe staple.

Here’s how it works: we’re doing a group buy of Alternative Apparel white t-shirts. We’re only offering V-Neck and Crew Neck in white (size chart here). Order as many as you want, shipping is a flat six bucks per style. The price is $9.90, less than half of retail.

There will be a ONE WEEK order period for the sale, and then we’ll put the order in with Alternative, who will ship us the shirts so we can ship them to you. Expect to receive your shirts in about SIX WEEKS. We’re not a retailer, this is a group buy, so they have to come to us first, then go out to you.

One note: if you’re international (including Canada), we will ship to you this time around, but please be sure to choose the “international” option when you chose your shirt style.

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