Real People: Winter Holiday

As part of an ongoing series, Put This On will be featuring photos from real men with great style.

The holiday season this week is a great time to move away from muted colors and replace them with something more cheerful. The season allows for tartan and Fair Isle patterns alongside cozy knits and rugged footwear. These gentlemen do a great job of showing a relaxed style that’s appropriate for the days around Christmas. 

First is Rob from Brooklyn, who is wearing a chunky knitted shawl collared cardigan and tartan flannel trousers. His tie is a vintage Brooks Brothers Santa tie that’s been passed down through the family, which is a pretty cool tradition. (Speaking of ties, Rob’s launching a necktie line of his own, Yellow Hook Neckties, next year.) What’s really great about this outfit is the high contrast between the cardigan and trousers — plus it looks ridiculously comfortable.

Eric in New York (a.k.a., AcuteStyle) has long been pattern mixing in his outfits and this Boxing Day outfit is no different. While most would stop at just the patchwork plaid shirt, he adds a Blackwatch puffer vest, too. The important part to notice is how he separates the layers with a dark wool cardigan. This has the effect of reducing the loudness of the shirt and creating a more natural transition to the vest. 

Next, “clarinetplayer” in Michigan has a very traditional look of a Christmas sweater over an OCBD with grey trousers. I really like this outfit for its simplicity and timelessness. It uses two elements that should be wardrobe staples for any man and could be duplicated by almost anyone. 

Finally, Eric from Fort Collins also goes for a simple holiday outfit that’s more dressed down. While the Fair Isle sweater isn’t exactly themed in Christmas colors, it does reflect his environment quite well. Partnered with jeans and boots, his outfit works for being in a rural environment rather than an urban one. As a whole, it’s very coherent.