Tailored in California

October 30, 2019

Tailored In California

California style is often cast as being apart from the nation. New Englanders are clad in Woolrich flannels and LL…

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How to Wear Shorts

July 23, 2019

How To Wear Shorts

Few items in men’s wardrobes have proven to be as controversial as shorts. They’re the most significant dividing line between…

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Real People: Homing In on Your Personal Style

June 3, 2019

Real People: Homing In On Your Personal Style

Building good wardrobe is like making a good sitcom. You assemble elements you think have the right chemistry, refine the…

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How to Wear Tailored Clothing to a Casual Office

May 29, 2019

How To Wear Tailored Clothing To A Casual Office

In the 1980s, there was a section of the American book publishing industry dedicated to telling men how to “dress…

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Real People: A Restrained Palette for Early Fall

September 27, 2018

Real People: A Restrained Palette For Early Fall

  When you get a sunburn, you can find some relief with aloe or after-sun balms (I recommend Biggs and…

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Real People: Riding the Line

February 22, 2018

Real People: Riding The Line

It’s been almost fifty years since men have worn tailored clothing en masse. The hippie revolution of the 1970s did a…

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Real People: Chunky Cardigans for Home

January 1, 2018

Real People: Chunky Cardigans For Home

Along with his lessons on how we can become better people, Fred Rogers taught us something about clothing. Each of…

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The Casual American Look

October 25, 2017

The Casual American Look

When it comes to style, America’s best contributions have undoubtedly all been in casualwear. Even Brooks Brothers’ soft shouldered tweeds…

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Real People: Cutting It Loose

July 10, 2017

Real People: Cutting It Loose

A lot has been written over the years about how soft Italian tailoring can feel more comfortable than their British…

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Real People: How to Look Great in a Casual Suit

June 19, 2017

Real People: How To Look Great In A Casual Suit

Unless you work in certain industries – say, law, finance, or government – wearing a suit these days takes a…

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Real People: Striking a Balance Between Interesting and Wearable

May 22, 2017

Real People: Striking A Balance Between Interesting And Wearable

Everyone loves complaining about how men dress these days. Everything is too sloppy or ill-considered; nothing fits well; things are…

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Real People: An Alternative to Polo Shirts

May 18, 2017

Real People: An Alternative To Polo Shirts

No summer outfit is more ubiquitous and God awful than a short-sleeved polo shirt worn with a pair of baggy…

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Real People: Everything Looks Better with a Beard

May 15, 2017

Real People: Everything Looks Better With A Beard

Everything looks better with a beard. At least that’s what I get from Jabari Brown, an actor and artist living…

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Some of Sean’s Cooler Thrift Finds

February 23, 2017

Some Of Sean’s Cooler Thrift Finds

Just for kicks, here are some things Sean has found thrifting. Note, this is only about a third of the…

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