A Suitable Wardrobe Mid-Season Sale

One of my favorite online stores, A Suitable Wardrobe, just started their mid-season sale. There are knit ties for $40, Drake’s pocket squares for $45, and a range of Drake’s neckties starting at $56. This excitingly includes striped grenadines and tussahs (a more delicate cousin to raw silk). I picked up a brown tussah for myself, which I’m pretty sure is the same model shown here. The photos at A Suitable Wardrobe are a bit dark, so know that things listed as navy are probably a true navy. 

Also, I own some fragrance by L’Artisan Parfumeur, and it’s easily my favorite. Only scents for women seem to be included in this sale, but if you have someone to gift these to, one might make for a nice present.