It’s On Sale: Barbour Jackets

Barbour’s Beaufort and Bedale jackets are on sale right now at Nordstroms. They’re marked down 33%, bringing the price down to about $260. The description says these are “relaxed fit,” but I only know of two cuts in these models: the traditional one they sell in the US and Western Europe, and a slimmed down version made for the East Asian market. I assume by “relaxed fit,” they just mean this is the traditional model. If that’s true, I recommend ordering your regular coat size if you plan to wear a sport coat with your jacket. Otherwise, size down one (so if you regularly wear a 38, take a 36). 

The difference between the two models? They’re essentially the same, but the Beaufort is a bit longer. It might be a better buy if you plan to wear a sport coat underneath, as it’ll be long enough to ensure that your tailored jacket isn’t peeking out. Otherwise, I think the Bedale looks better. Note, however, the Bedale is notorious for having very short sleeves. You can get them lengthened by bringing your jacket into an Orvis or Barbour store, or just sending it directly to Barbour. I think the charge something like $50 for the modification (they just sew on more fabric).