It’s On Sale: Post Imperial Ties

Our friend Niyi in New York recently started a small line of men’s accessories under the label Post Imperial. The line has a selection of neckties and pocket squares that are very much in keeping with Niyi’s bold and unique sense of personal style. And while I’m much more of a conservative dresser myself, if there’s ever a time to wear bold ties like the ones you see above, it would be in the summer time with cotton or linen suits. 

At the moment, he has a 30% off Memorial Day sale, which you can get if you punch in the code PIMEM14 at checkout. That discount applies to the two indigo and white ties you see above, which are made in New York City, but out of Italian linen and Japanese cotton fabrics. Niyi tells me these were treated to an old and traditional Nigerian hand dyeing process called adire, where the fabric is first painted with a dye-resistant starch in order to achieve a kind of “reverse print” effect. You can check out more photos of one of the ties at Sid Mashburn