20 Things From The ‘90s That Are Back

August 2, 2016

20 Things from the ‘90s That are Back

1. Flannel shirts—went from 2010 urban lumberjack to ‘90s flashback grunge. All it took was tying something you already had around your waist. 

2. The Clintons.

3. Pokemon.

4. Calvin Kleinnow by Raf Simons.

5. Pastelspalewave by any other name.

6. Washed denim.


7. Metal tees—or if you’re next level, mallcore rap tees.

8. Skate clothes.

9. Athleisurebasically repackaged Sean Jean.

10. Baggier silhouettes—even Americana designer Billy Reid is getting into it.

11. Snapbacks.

12. Wheat Timbs.

13. Combat boots—sometimes Doc Martins (aka wheat Timbs for white people).

14. Gray New Balance sneakers.

15. DIY customizationsmostly with pins at the moment, but patches and painted art can’t be far away.


16. Overlong shirts—complete with leather pants.

17. Turtlenecks.

18. Bucket hats.

19. Ripped jeansat what point do you risk dick-slippage?

20. Drug rugs.


Ten Things We Hope Come Back

1. Overalls with one strap down.

2. Tagged-up backpacks—ideally with a different tag than the one you use in the school’s bathroom.

3. Reebok Pumps—Reebok Reebok Reebok just jumped over L.A. Lights.

4. Cycling caps.

5. Pagers as accessories—less for your weed customers, more for your mom.


6. Slap bracelets—just stick an Apple Watch on top.

7. Hypercolor shirts.

8. Cartoon tees—less Looney Toons, more Peanuts.

9. RL PoloOK, this one is sincere.

10. Pleatsalso sincere.

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