A Doggie Addendum: Arrow K9 Products

March 4, 2013

A Doggie Addendum: Arrow K9 Products

After reading my post about quality dog products, a loyal reader wrote in to remind me of one more source for great dog leashes and collars. The same friendly folks who make Arrow Moccasins also make Arrow K9 Products. The reader who wrote in vouched for their quality, and while I’ve never used them personally, I do have a pair of their mocs, and think they’re wonderful.

The dog stuff at Arrow not only has real, ultra-heavy, ultra-soft hides, but solid brass hardware, my one disappointment with Filson. They’re an amazing value, too – a lead and a collar, together, will cost you about fifty bucks… and I can’t imagine you’ll ever need to replace them.

(Above: my dog Sissy… not in Arrow K9, but looking great none the less.)

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