A Handsome Collection Of Fall And Winter Jackets

January 22, 2014

A Handsome Collection of Fall and Winter Jackets

Following my post on David, I thought I’d quickly show off part of his sport coat and suit collection. All the pieces you see above were made from the London Lounge’s Cloth Club fabrics. The London Lounge is an online forum, mostly made up of bespoke tailoring aficionados, and they have a “cloth club” run by Michael Alden. Michael comes up with cloth ideas, sometimes partly informed by the suggestions of Cloth Club members, and designs are submitted for voting and pre-order. I think the fabrics are exquisite and beautifully designed, and David’s collection is one to be admired. You can click on the image to expand it and see all the detail. 

All pieces above were made by Steed, except for the corn Shetland on the far right and the light blue windowpane, which were made by Peter Lee in Hong Kong. To learn more about the Cloth Club, you read this article at The Financial Times.