A Little Change To The Inside Track

December 12, 2011

We’ve been having a bear of a time making sure everyone who signed up received our Inside Track emails. With today’s hyper-vigilant spam filters, too many were getting sidetracked into trash folders and spam piles. So: we’ve changed how we’re distributing our picks just a bit to make sure everyone who signs up gets their picks.

If you’re an Inside Track member, you’ll still get an email on Monday reminding you that there’s a new Inside Track newsletter waiting for you, but the newsletter itself will reside here at PutThisOn.com.

On Mondays, we’ll make a brief post announcing the new newsletter here on the blog. That post will have a link to the full newsletter, protected by a Memberly login.

Just click through either the link on the email or the link on the homepage, and login with your Memberly login info to see the picks.

(If you forgot your Memberly info, use this link to retrieve it.)

And of course if you’re not a member of the Inside Track, you can join for just five bucks a month.

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