A Shop For All Sizes

May 29, 2013

A Shop for All Sizes

As a guy who’s unusually thin, I know some of the frustrations that can come with being an irregular size. Which is why I’m happy to see the launch of a new online retailer called Gentlemen’s Footwear. The company’s founder Young Yoo tells me that he initially wanted to open a shop for men of shorter stature, as he himself is 5’6″ and was having a difficult time finding shoes in his size (6.5). Since coming up with the idea, however, he’s expanded the company’s scope to include both smaller and larger sizes, as well as everything in-between. The store’s opening collection of Carmina shoes, for example, is currently stocked from 5.5UK (6.5 US) to 9UK (10 US), but in the next few weeks, that’ll expand to 12UK (13 US). Prices are fairly competitive for this level of footwear, and the store can take made-to-order requests from people who need something truly special.

The shop also currently carries neckties and pocket squares by leading makers such as Drake’s and EG Cappelli, shoe care products by Saphir, and shoehorns by Abbeyhorn. Additionally, Finamore shirts are coming soon. Given the company’s mission, I assume these will come in sizes made for men of all builds.