A Visit To The Tailor…

May 17, 2010

I dropped off some clothes at the tailor on Saturday.  The bill came to a hundred dollars.

I bought a textured cotton blazer by hickey on Gilt the other day, and while the fit was spot-on in the body (RIP, hickey), the sleeves were about half an inch too long.  I could have left it be, but showing a little cuff is a key way to distinguish oneself, and I’ve been making it a priority.  My arms are also slightly different lengths (actually, I think it may be that one of my shoulders is a bit more stooped than the other), and this way it doesn’t show in my sleeve ends.  About $20.

I bought an old Hong Kong bespoke suit at the thrift store the other day for $30.  I loved the color and shape – I’d guess it’s from the early 80s, but the relatively high and sharp lapel notch makes it look somewhere between classic and contemporary.  I spent about $50 to have the waist taken in a bit – another coulda left it as is alteration, but while I loved the shape, it was just a tiny bit big for me.  Then I spent about $25 having the legs tapered (they were very trip up top, but the straight bottom made them look almost boot-cut) and about $10 to get them lengthened (luckily there was a generous allowance in the hems).

All in all: a perfect fit on the blazer is well worth the $20 to get the sleeves taken up a nudge, and even with alterations the suit costs barely more than $100.  Money well-spent, in my book.

While I was at the thrift, I also managed to find a beautiful suit made by Chester Barrie for a local men’s store, which I’ll probably list on StyleForum’s buy & sell board.  Always sad when something that nice doesn’t fit, but hopefully I can cover the cost of the rest with that piece.

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